Existenz: Ένα ακόμη πανέμορφο θέμα για να στολίσετε το κινητό σας

Ψάχνοντας στο διαδίκτυο για όμορφα θέματα έπεσα τυχαία στο θέμα Existenz που μου έκανε εντύπωση από την πρώτη στιγμή.
Το θέμα είναι ολοκληρωμένο και απαιτεί το winderboard και το PerPageHTML που θα το βρείτε δωρεάν στον cydia για να σας βοηθήσει να επιλέξετε σε πια οθόνη θα φαίνεται και τι μιας και μπορείτε να το διαμορφώσετε όπως εσείς θέλετε.
Επίσης μπορείτε να..
κατεβάσετε πάλι δωρεάν από τον cydia το Existenz Midnight για να έχετε τη η εικόνα που έβαλα και εγώ.
Να σημειώσω πως την ροή των ειδήσεων του Blog την πρόσθεσα εγώ με το PerPageHTML και αν δεν σας αρέσει μπορείτε να μην την προσθέσετε
Θα πρέπει να προειδοποιήσω πως το θέμα  απαιτεί στοιχειώδης γνώσεις και αν δεν γνωρίζετε από ftp θα μπερδευτείτε αρκετά.
Αν λοιπόν σας άρεσε σας δίνω το θέμα βγαλμένο έτσι όπως το έχω στο δικό μου κινητό και εσείς διαμορφώστε το όπως θέλετε.
Τέλος παραθέτω αυτούσιες τις οδηγίες έτσι όπως τις βρήκα και εγώ (χωρίς μετάφραση) και κάποιες απαντήσεις στη ερωτήσεις που ίσως να έχετε.
Σας εύχομαι καλή επιτυχία.

Needed is only PerPageHTML (or PerPagePlus) and Gridlock
1. Place the Clock, Weather and Calendar app on Homescreen right, place other apps and folders on other pages.
2. Enable Existenz.theme and Existenz-Lockscreen.theme at WinterBoard.
If you want another background enable also one of it. Make sure they are listed above the main theme at WinterBoard.
3. Start the PerPageHTML app on your iPhone and allocate "ExistenZ-Spotlight", "Existenz-Page1" plus as many other pages you need to your Springboard-Pages.

Download this free add-on at Cydia or ThemeIt
At Winterboard enable: Existenz.theme, ExistenzM.theme and ExistenzM Lockscreen.theme
At Perpage disable all Existenz pages and enable instead all ExistenzM pages


1. You can change or enable location, language, 12/24 clock, am/pm, display seconds at var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/Existenz-Page1/Setup/Config.js
2. For the lockscreen make the same setup at Libary/Themes/Existenz-Lockscreen.theme/Setup/Config.js
LocationCode: Open Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News search for your city and then you´ll find a six digits number at the adressbar of your browser, this is your location code.
3. To change the start of the Calendar to Monday, open var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/Existenz-Page1/Resources/Calendar/Calendar.html and write at
....var Calendar_starts_on_Monday = true...

This RSS shows CNN news by default. If you want to change the feed:
a) Go to this website: Free Feed Widget for displaying valid rss & xml feeds, as used on Surfing Waves and copy the number from the site page (it is a newly generated number for each visitor). See attached picture at bottom of this post (!))
b) Write this number (rssfeed_cache) to var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/Existenz-Page1/Resources/JavaScript/Main/NewRSS.js (at bottom)
c) Write your favorite feed at top of the NewRSS.js file (Replace "CNN.com")
NOTE: It may last some minutes till the springboard widget refeshes to your new feed !

1. The Month Calendar can be set to start on Monday or Sunday (setup see above). Default is Sunday.
2. The Live Calendar with your appointments only works if you use a google calendar (with googly sync on your iPhone or in any other way) AND if you made this calendar public: [VIDEO] Make a calendar public in Google Calendar - YouTube
3. Write your gmail or googlemail adress at var/mobile/Libary/PerPageHTML/Existenz-Page1/Widget.HTML:

- The LiveCalendar refreshes time-based, so i can last some minutes till it refeshes appointments on your springboard.
- It shows up to two current or upcoming appointments.
- This widget shows no birthdays, as google stores birthdays of your google contacts to a extra calendar that can´t be made public. If you manually entered birthdays to your calender the widget certainly shows this birthdays.

ColorKeyboard (CK)
Start Stettings -> CK
a) Select either the theme "ExistenZ NoButtons" or "ExistenZ BlackButtons"
b) Open "Customize backgrounds", enable Custom BG for both "iPhone Standard" and "iPhone-Alert" and setup the new Existenz Backgrounds for Portrait and Landscape.


*I´ve seen new icons for Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and eBay, where are they ?
Because of WinterBoard issues you must enable the Summerboard mode at the WinterBoard app if you want this new icons. This icons are stored at the Icons folder of this theme.

* How can i enable this new font on my device ?
Install/Start the freeware BytaFont(Cydia) -> Basic -> enable "Heiti K Light"

*How can i enable the new Respring graphic on my device ?
Copy respring.png from the folder Extras/Respring Wallpaper/ to var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/...here...

*How can i hide the iOS clock on Lockscreen ?
Install (ONLY!) LockScreenClockHide from Cydia (freeware)

* I have the stock wallpaper when making phonecall/open a folder ?
A general problem on iOS. Fix: Choose the matching Lockscreen wallpaper from one of the Existenz Theme folders (named LockBackground@2x.png) and save it with iFile to your camera roll, or on Mac/PC sync it with iTunes to your iPhone camera roll, then start the Photos app and choose it as your wallpaper.

* Can i remove several widgets ?
No, this is one all-in-one widget (for avoiding lag and reducing RAM usage). It´s certainly possible if you have good html and photoshop skills.

* Why is my Mail-Icon unthemed ?
If you´re not using iOS 5, please open com.apple.mobilemail and rename "Icon.png" and "Icon@2x.png" to "icon.png" and "icon@2x.png"

* Some of my Cydia apps icons are unthemed ?
Install the freeware ThemeIconMaker from Cydia and auto-theme all unthemed icons

* Why are my icons not alignend correctly ?
This theme is made for the stock 4x4 icon layout. Disable other tweaks like Iconoclasm. But it´s possible to use 5 icons at the dock.

* I can´t find my Calendar, Weather and Clock icon ?
They are transparent now, you only see the labels. This is wanted to place them above the widgets, so pressing this widgets starts this apps.

* I changed a icon but it doesn´t work ?
a) Make sure the icon is named right (icon@2x.png ~ Icon@2x.png) at right bundle folder.
b) Sometimes it´s necessary to clean the icon cache of the iPhone: var/mobile/Libary/Caches/com.apple.IconsCache/....Delete all files in here...
NOTE: TIM creates own bundle folders at ExistenZ.theme/folders/... . If you have e. g. a icons folder for ExistenZ and stored icons there, WinterBoard will still prefer the TIM created icons from this Bundle folders. In this case place your new icons at this bundle folders or delete this bundle folders so the icons from your icons folder can work.

* I changed the background at WinterBoard but it doesn`t effect on LockScreen ?
Yes, this can´t be made better unless i would add 5more complete Lockscreen themes to ExistenZ. This would blow up Existenz too much.
Fix: Choose your favorite Lockscreen wallpaper from one of the Existenz Theme folders (named LSBG.png) and copy it to Existenz Lockscreen.theme.

* I have bright white and larger labels on some icons ?
This is a WinterBoard bug and only happens on some iOS versions and if you move a Icon out of the dock. Make a repring

* Why is the Lockscreen weather not animated ?
This is wanted to avoid lag and battery draining, two running full animated weather widgets are possible but problematic for CPU and RAM.

* I don´t understand all this PerPage things ?
PerPage is a Cydia app that let you have a own Wallpaper and own widgets for each of your iPhone pages.
1. ExistenZ uses transparent Wallpapers with widget graphics painted on it, so the real theme wallpaper is still visible at the background and the PerPage Wallpapers with the widgets slides above it.
2. ExitenZ uses only one all-in-one widget so it also works on the freeware PerPageHTML that can display only one widget. With PerPagePLUS you can have more widgets on each page, but that´s not needed for ExistenZ
3. PerPageHTML can be a little buggy sometimes, so if a widget dissapears or it doesn´t work right i recommend to use PerpagePlus instead.
4. Setup: Start PerPageHTML or PerPagePlus, choose first your springboard page and then choose one of the ready Existenz pages/folders, they contain the graphics and Page1 also the complete widget. (Dont´forget the Existenz-Spotlight page)

*Why have you painted the dock on the Wallpapers ?
Since iOS 4 Apple doesn´t allow/use such high dock graphics anymore

*Why do my loading screens show a black backround ?
It seems this is a iOS5 feature only. Also showing the current backround isn´t possible when using multitasking on both iOS versions.

* Why are some springboard graphics like playerbuttons and the Newsstand icon unthemed ?
They are themed, but because of Winterboard issues on iOS5 you must delete some cache file manually. Open var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.springboard.sharedimagecache/Persistent/...delete all files here (ending with ..."bitmap").

CREDITS: Ian Nicoll for making and helping with the widget and many more*
Ian & I give thanks & credit to Dacal for his mod to Ian's original UniAW.

Yamakashi73 for the LockInfo Theme

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